Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Big Truck Fetish

In pursuit of the elusive chrome and steel tanker trailer. Glendora, CA. 8.29.04

It takes all kinds:
Is it a guy thing, or am I the only one fascinated with huge, chrome and steel gasoline tanker trailers? When one of those highly-polished babies roars past me, I instantly feel its pull, the magnetic attraction from its gleam. I've been known to pursue one for miles trying to catch a fleeting glimpse of my Mustang reflected on its shiny curves. I especially love following closely behind, watching the world smear around and past my mirror-image in its fish-eyed rear end. It's like a moveable feast for the eyes. The only thing coming close to it, is following an In-N-Out ® Burger Cookout Trailer, but that's like a moveable feast for the nose. -- Kapowie Zone
Click for more info about tanker trailers. For you multi-axle fetishists click here to view a gallery of tanker trucks.

[Photo & story: ©2004 Kapowie Zone]


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