Friday, September 10, 2004

New respect for women drivers

"If you meet the expectations of women, you exceed the expectations of men." -- Marti Barletta, gender trend specialist
Volvo discovered women have higher standards for their cars than men. So what happens when Volvo gives a group of eight women total freedom to design the perfect car for the way we live today? Introducing the YCC, Your Concept Car, the sporty coupe that manages to look beautiful, sturdy and tough all at once... a car that focused on three main areas: ergonomics, storage and convenience. A car designed to put you in control in traffic and in your life. -- Volvo Concept Lab
Check out the interactive Volvo Concept Lab for yourself.

YCC includes features not found in man-made cars.
Among the dozens of unique items: no hood; no gas cap; easy-clean paint; head restraints with room for ponytails; numerous exchangeable seat covers of various colors and materials (linen, leather, felt, etc.); compartments for handbags; gull-wing doors that make it easier to load and unload larger items and children; computerized assistance for parallel parking; and improved sight lines. Owners carrying large items can set the doors to open automatically when they reach the doors. At the point-of-purchase, retailers can conduct a body scan of the driver measuring height and length of arms and legs. The data is stored in the vehicle's key, and the car recommends a seat position for the driver that provides her or him an optimal line of vision and reach. The car also electronically notifies the owner's chosen service center when maintenance is due, and the service technician contacts the owner to book the appointment. -- Woman Motorist
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