Thursday, October 14, 2004

Chang's Girls On Wheels

Sin Metal Sirens cover art by Sandra Chang

Erotic artist and illustrator Sandra Chang is as beautiful and sexy as her incredible paintings. She is also the creator...
... writer and artist of such comic books as Akemi, Sheedeva, and Achilles Storm, she is now drawing and writing an adult comic series, Sin Metal Sirens, for Eros Comix. Sin Metal Sirens is a X-rated comic parody of secret agents in space and is available now.

Carmen Electra by Sandra Chang, Photoshop illustration

Feeling a little submissive today? Chang also maintains a Dominant Women Gallery on her web site. Bow before it here.

Check out the rest of the Sandra Chang web site. Her published works are available for purchase from Eros Comix.

[Artwork and text quotes ©2002 by Sandra Chang]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the carmen painting is waaaay coool : ))))

10:14 PM  
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