Saturday, October 09, 2004

Street Fury

Street Fury Gold takes you to straight to Southern California - the hotbed of import car racing and modification. Hang with the racing champions and sneak a peek at the latest and greatest underground import modification shops! Get up close and personal with top import model Aiko Tanaka, and red-hot series host, Candi Kita. Experience the gear-busting, tire-screeching, side-swiping underground street races and - even better - the killer afterparties!
Street Fury Red... back to Southern California -the playground for street racers and Import models! The second volume of Street Fury further infiltrates the risky scene. - Cars, Clubs & Street racing - Team Hybrid, Big Willis Robinson - Girls & Music - wild bikini contests, Dub Magazine, Asia, this edition's cover girl.
Street Fury Ice. Street Fury's bling-bling edition. Big C just can't get enough of hitting the Streets bringing you the scene as it happens. Travel from Nevada to New York looking for the coolest cars in today's hottest scene. You expect the fastest cars, mesmerizing models, and import shows, but Big C hooked up with some of the entertainment industry's coolest folks to show you how they do it big.
Street Fury Jade. From L.A.'s Chinatown to the Valley, The OC and even a stop 'Where no other import DVD has dared to go'... The Hood. Big C puts you in the driver's seat and stays bringin' you the hottest the import scene has to offer.
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