Sunday, October 03, 2004

Full Service Museum

Be careful visiting the Museo Fisogni - Museum of Gas Stations, you'll end up spending a whole day puttering around the amazing collection of signs, ads, brochures, gasoline cans, globes, promotional toys, gas pumps and other objects from our hydrocarbon-fueled past.

Its curator, Guido Fisogni, is not just a collector, but a scholar of industrial art and design, who has restored and catalogued the boundless ephemera the gasoline age, because they are...
"... pleasing esthetic appendages to the industrial arts... important witnesses to the rapidity of change. Industrial production, by its nature, quickly consumes its own products in order to make way for newer, more beautiful, more efficient ones."
His Milan, Italy-based museum is a tribute to the beauties of the "inefficient past."

After over 30 years, Fisogni is looking to sell the entire collection for exhibition. For information please call +39.029101398 or write to Museo Fisogni

[Images and quoted texts: © 1996 - 2004 Fisogni]

[Thanks to Eye of the Goof for the link.]


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