Monday, September 27, 2004

"My woody's outside... "

[Photo: Sci-Fi's PT Cruiser Automotive]

Sun and surf, surfers and big waves, surfer girls and woodies - all come together to create the perfect California summer.
Whatever name you choose to use, vehicles with wood bodies possess style and character missing in today's robotically built steel vehicles. Once, almost every conveyance was made of wood: boats, chariots, wagons, trains, even airplanes. The wood-sided wagons, convertibles, sedans and trucks seen here all wear the vestigial tails of their wooden predecessors...
-- Old Woodies

The Beach Boys often exposed their woodies on their album covers and music videos.

[Photo: Hot Rods Down Under]
Woodies are popular all over the world, wherever surfers converge. This old "wood-paneled chariot" is from Australia.

Check out Old Woodies, the premier woody web site.



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