Friday, September 17, 2004

A women driver to watch

Kari Miller, race car driver

"Racing with a passion!" - MN Racing Connection
Her interest in the sport was sparked by her father Dave. Kari watched her father compete at a track she’d one day run at herself... Kari got her start in the Bomber Division at Raceway back in 1999... The year 2001 found Miller moving into the Short Tracker Division, where she earned rookie of the year honors and also finished in the top ten in point standing. Kari realized how important staying focused was to her career and learned the how vital the value of never doubting yourself is to performance on the racetrack. Her positive attitude guided the achievement of every goal she has set for herself... Forgetting the fact that some fans may have doubted her driving abilities because she’s a female, Kari makes a point to prove any doubters wrong.

-- Arianne, Girls Garage

Feature Race Win, 2003 - a sweep!

In a sport dominated by men, women race car drivers are holding their own, especially across the heartland of America, at local tracks and raceways, solo or as members of racing clubs. Kari Miller is a driver to watch.

Read more about Kari Miller at her web site.

[Photos: RedLine Graphics, MHC Media, and Miller.]


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