Friday, September 24, 2004

Vespa Vixens Vol. I

Jayne Mansfield never took a bad picture, even in ads. This is an ad, you know, notice the Vespa tucked behind her.

Angie Dickinson before blond hair, 'Police Woman' and JFK. She looks positively stunning. The Vespa looks nice, too.

Stefania Sandrelli looks gorgeous, but you can tell from her expression that she's wondering how she ended up at a photo shoot in a smelly stable. Maybe, the photographer was going for a realistic approach - notice the horse crap in the background.

Sandra Milo has given the photographer a good reason for positioning the Vespa in the foreground - she's stark naked.

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[Photos: Copyright ©2001-2003 Piaggio USA, Inc. Vespa®]


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