Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Car Crazy! Speed Crazy! Boy Crazy!

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Hot-Rod Girl is a classic 1950's rock 'n rod, drive-in movie. It stars the young and beautiful, Lori Nelson in the title role - which isn't saying much in that it's more of a supporting role. We get to see her hot-rodding a little in the title sequence. Her '55 T-Bird is very cool, as are are a lot of the cars in the movie, accompanied by equally cool foot-tapping, finger-snapping music - good enough reasons watch Hot-Rod Girl again and again! A couple of other reasons are to see a young Chuck Connors, of The Rifleman, and an equally young Frank Gorshin, 60's Batman's The Riddler, performing in some of their earliest work. The story is negligible: Connors plays a young cop trying to stop illegal street racing by setting up legalized racing at a local drag strip. The problem is that Connors is constantly getting hassled by his captain who wants to ban hot-rods completely - you get the picture. Don't expect Shakespeare, but it's a whole lotta fun!

Read about and see more images of Hot-Rod Girl. A very cool page.

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Dragstrip Girl is yet another drive-in movie. (I miss drive-ins!) If you liked Hot-Rod Girl, you'll love this movie, too - it's full of old cars, 50's bad girls and bad boys, with a plot-line designed to be visited occasionally when coming up for air from the back seat of your car at the drive-in. The movie will transport you back to a simpler time, a when boys still met their date's parents, wore pompadours, skinny ties, pegged pants and a cigarette behind their ear. Strictly PG, it's full of hip, jive talk, no cussing or naked body parts you don't care to look at - unless you're in the back seat of your car at the drive-in. (Did I mention that I missed drive-ins?)

Here's another very cool page about Dragstrip Girl.

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