Saturday, September 25, 2004

Cars, Girls and Burlapp

Commentary from the Vince Burlapp Car Page:
These ladies are professionals.

The car makers spend A LOT of money trying to "buy" the press. And the most obvious way to witness this is to attend the press days of any major auto show (as I actually did).
These "press guys" (mostly aging car geeks) are treated like royalty! Lots of them just travel around the world ( all expenses paid), looking forward to the free stuff, especially the booze and food.

Almost each car manufacturer has a full bar by their displays. And the best catering. That, of course, quickly disappears when the show opens to the public.
All we, regular people, are left with, are the cars and the beautiful ladies pictured here.
You can read more of Vince Burlapp's unique views about the modern automobile at The Hollywood Extra.

[Special thanks to Phil Schwartzetti of The Hollywood Extra for photos.]

[Copyright ©2004 The Hollywood Extra]


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