Friday, October 01, 2004

Abgefahren (Driven off)

The Girl Gang - Britt, Lianne, Mia and Sherin

Abgefahren is a German-produced, action/romance film, with girl racers pitted against boy racers "with full power into love!" Read the machine translation of the synopsis:
Mia is young, attractive - and not to brake, if she came only times into travel. Their dream is it to become the best Rallyefahrerin. In order to achieve this goal, she must defeat the man, that the champion of the motor races is not only - but also the man she loves!
Does it matter that the translation seems to make no sense? It's a race car movie, after all, with fast cars and fast girls!

The Girl Gang and their Dodge Challenger.

Visit the official Abgefahren web site in thr original German or in machine-translated English.

Liane, Britt and Sherin

View the trailer (in German): DSL or Dialup.

[Photos and text: Abgefahren web site]


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