Sunday, October 17, 2004

For when "Check Engine" flashes

[Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin, New York]

Not just for women, but for anyone who doesn't want to get their hands dirty changing their own oil or tuning up their engine, but wants to know what what to do when the oil light or the dashboard light check engine flashes.
Volpe covers the essentials: what to do and when to do it (maintenance); deciphering lights, leaks, noises, and funny smells; how to find a good mechanic; how to jump-start a battery and change a tire; and even offers tips on buying a used car, all in clear, everyday language that even you can understand. Interspersed with humor and sound advice gleaned from the author's experience as a mechanic and a teacher of auto mechanics for 10 years, this book is compact--made to fit into your glove compartment--and that's where it ought to be the next time you pull out of the driveway.
-- Mark A. Hetts,
The glove compartment-size paperback is available at

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