Friday, October 22, 2004

Have a girl? Have a Rabbit!

You get the feeling that the copywriters of this ad, and for that matter, the Fuji Company who manufactured the Rabbit, were avid readers of Playboy Magazine?
Have a girl? Have a Rabbit! Rabbit is the easiest way in the world to have fun. That's because Rabbit is the most modern two-wheel ride ever built. Tell her you are a gentleman with modern ideas. If she says she has heard those ideas before, take her for a ride on a Rabbit. Show her she hasn't lived until now. Rabbit, indeed, is made for the enjoyment of a Gentleman. And, for that matter, anyone else with modern ideas.

Q. How do you say bunny in Japanese?

A. Rabbit.

Visit the premier Fuji Rabbit web site.

[Inspired by Antoine of the Valley.]


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