Saturday, October 16, 2004

Road Sign Romance

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Get it? as in So, what else do you expect from "The Largest Source of Internet Humour."

Friday, October 15, 2004

Amazing Motor Girls' Car Wash

When the Amazing Motor Girls want to wash their car, they just pull over to the side of the road under a shady tree.

Motor Girl Amanda starts on the wheels.

Amanda is also the queen of the chamois cloth

Thanks to the shade and Amanda's quick rubbing, Darcy assures us that there are no water spots.

All scenes are from the Amazing Motor Girl promo clip - soon to be linked here.

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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Chang's Girls On Wheels

Sin Metal Sirens cover art by Sandra Chang

Erotic artist and illustrator Sandra Chang is as beautiful and sexy as her incredible paintings. She is also the creator...
... writer and artist of such comic books as Akemi, Sheedeva, and Achilles Storm, she is now drawing and writing an adult comic series, Sin Metal Sirens, for Eros Comix. Sin Metal Sirens is a X-rated comic parody of secret agents in space and is available now.

Carmen Electra by Sandra Chang, Photoshop illustration

Feeling a little submissive today? Chang also maintains a Dominant Women Gallery on her web site. Bow before it here.

Check out the rest of the Sandra Chang web site. Her published works are available for purchase from Eros Comix.

[Artwork and text quotes ©2002 by Sandra Chang]

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Hottest Woman in NASCAR

[Photo: © Copyright 2004 Leilani Münter, LLC]

Once Leilani Münter was the photo double for Catherine Zeta-Jones in the movie "Traffic." Now Leilani negotiates the traffic on race tracks across the United States.

Leilani at Irwindale Speedway
, [Photo by Chris McPherson, Esquire Magazine]
In 2001 she ran a limited schedule in the Allison Legacy Series. In 2002 Leilani relocated to North Carolina, the home of NASCAR.

In 2004 she began a stint as a special correspondent for She also debuted in the ROMCO Late Model Series June 12, 2004 with an impressive 4th place start and 7th place finish at TMS. FHM magazine, which featured Leilani in their Sept. 2003 issue, was her primary sponsor.

She's been named "America's Sexiest Race Car Driver" by Men's Journal, "The Hottest Woman in NASCAR" by FHM and honored as a "Woman We Love" by Esquire.
Read the rest of Leilani's rising star story, including an interview, at TurnLeftRacing.

[Photo by George Holz, FHM Magazine]

Be sure to check out the Leilani Münter web site for more pictures of her in and out her race car.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Babs Muller

Babs is uniquely built to handle a manual transmission.

Babs Muller is a favorite girl in the car scene.

Vince poses with Babs (or is she a Babs lookalike?)

Car Page host Vince Burlapp and his roommate Phil Schwartzetti, The Hollywood Extra webmaster, have known Babs for many years. Maybe even too many...

Babs poses atop her favorite muscle car.
Babs was Phil's brother's girlfriend for a while. It's actually a long, somewhat sick and pathetic story. But everything you want to know (and everything you don't) about Babs is here.
Be sure to visit Vince Burlapp's Car Page for the latest info, photos, news and unique insights about cars.

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Monday, October 11, 2004

Girl and/or Car 4 Sale

Which is it? Is he selling his "girl" the car, his "girl" the girl or both?

Don't bother calling Rob - his phone numbers have been 555'd to protect the innocent.

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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Classic Muscle Cars, Part 1

At a base price of $4305.00 (a $750 increase over introductory '69 pricing), Pontiac ushered in a new era with the introduction of the all new '70 models. These cars were one of the most gorgeous cars of the period, with the subtle lines changing from creases to curves. For a car produced in the early seventies, this was incredible.

Read more by Gary Lisk at his Trans Am Source Page.
Good Points: Sensational ’69 Camaro styling, rocket-ship performance.

Bad Points: With a 4.88:1 axle, you’re in High gear at the end of your driveway.

Read more at Top 10 Fastest Muscle Cars.
The Challenger project was first started in about 1965 as Dodge's answer to the pony car. Carl Cameron refined the car for some time, and, by 1968, they were building 1970 Challenger prototypes. Finally, in the fall of 1969, Dodge finally introduced the E bodies. With a choice of nine engines, from a slant-six Coupe (and, starting in February, a Deputy) to an R/T Hemi, and eighteen colors, the Challenger offered a lot of choice.

Read more by Kelly Doke-Journigan at The Dodge Challenger.
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